LG’s debut 5G handset has been delayed in South Korea
LG’s debut 5G handset has been delayed in South Korea

But no word on the US launch

LG is delaying the launch of its first 5G handset, the LG V50 ThinQ, in South Korea. In a statement first spotted by Phone Arena(via Google Translate) the company said that it was delaying it in order to “concentrate on the completeness” of the phone, which was originally due to be launched on April 19th in the country. LG added that it is working closely with modem manufacturer Qualcomm as well as South Korea’s mobile operators to improve the 5G service, and will confirm the release date of the V50 “later.”

South Korea’s 5G network was launched on April 3rd, mere hours before Verizon’s network launched in the US on the same day. Verizon criticized the launch, which saw 5G phones given to a small number of celebrities, as a publicity stunt. The network wasn’t available to the general public until April 5th, when the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G was released.

It’s unclear what the announcement means for the phone’s US launch. The phone will launch exclusively with Sprint this spring, before also being released on Verizon in the summer. However, with Sprint’s 5G network due to go live in May, LG doesn’t have long to overcome the phone’s issues.

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